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A Story of Neighbors

The East Bank has brought several things new to Bossier City including a lot of innovative entrepreneurs. When they built a commercial district they may not have intended on reviving the term “neighbor” to it”s full potential. Frozen Pirogue was built on the greatest part of community, we know as neighbors. In 2018 two local businesses, BeauxJax Crafthouse and Bayou Axe Co., found themselves positioned next to one another. In a business world ripe with competitive minded folks, these two local shops tried something a little different. A handshake and introduction between the four guys seen above quickly developed into a helping hand to one another. It wasn’t long before the thriving district had the two business borrowing the proverbial “Cup of Sugar” from one another. Soon after that the four were sharing stories from end of a hammer or from across a loaded dolly. Before they knew it a friendship had been created. From those stories they quickly learned that they all have more in common than they would have ever realized, had they not taken the brief amount of time to try to do something that is becoming extinct in our world - meeting your neighbors. The mash-up of these two businesses’ southern Louisiana roots and old school work ethic have created the environment you sit in today. We hope that we get the chance to make you our neighbor while you are here and challenge you to meet someone new while you are here, too. Community starts at the dinner table and we are thrilled to have you at ours.
* * * 

“One day we are gonna be partners.” 

 -   Geno Goodman  -



“I think the district is exciting enough that it's more about

growing the pie than growing the slice”

-  Beau Hays  -

"Let's do it!"

- Doug Rogers -

“Ya'll seen my Coors Light?”

-  Aaron "Peanut" Hanning  -

* * * 
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